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Have Fun and still Learn Math with Free Online Math Games

  • This is a page where you can strengthen some of your basic math skills - and have fun doing it.
  • And the parents can't say a thing - you are actually practicing ;-)
  • Yes, some of these math games may be tough for you - but practice makes better.
  • Hey, you can master some of the games and then beat your dad or mom in it. :-P

Well, before you knock yourself out with some of these math games, let me tell you something:

It's not my main goal to make a free math games site (because there are a ton of online math games out there on the net), but to try and hand pick few of them that I consider actually math-useful and fun - and all for the sake of practice. :-)

So I guess - it's a win-win situation - learn and have fun.

List of Free Math Games

I recommend this site for more really cool:
Fraction Games Online');" onmouseout="return nd();">Fraction Games Online.

Addition Math Games

Ben 10 Math Addition: (Addition to 100)
This one you'll definitely enjoy! You have to shoot the right sum. There are three levels: easy, medium and hard.

Sum Sense: (Addition to 18)
Great game for beginners! Drag and drop the number cards to make the equation make sense. There is also subtraction and multiplication version of the game.

Speed Grid Addition: (Addition to 40)
Find the right addends to get the appointed sum. There is more than one solution.

Galactic Addition: (Addition to 20)
Combine the 2 or more given numbers to get the given sum. Nicely done game.

Ben 10 Alien Addition: (Addition to 18)
Add two numbers and choose among the several offered results.

Alien Addition: (You choose the max sum)
Another shooting game. Invading spaceships with addition problems. Shoot the right one out of many.

Addition Turbo Skid: (Addition to 18)
Those who love car races will like this one. But there is addition literally on your way. :-)

Addition is Fun: (Addition to 10, 20 and 30)
You will be asked different addition problems. There are 3 answers to choose from. Click on an answer to see if you're right.

Addition Table: (Addition to 20)
Add the numbers from rows and columns, then drag and drop the sum numbers from the right hand side to the appropriate box.

Dino Kids - Math: (Addition to 17)
is simple, fun and educative mini game. You solve simple math problems and compete the score. Just click, drag and drop the correct answer.

Mathematical Addition: (Addition to 100)
Drag the correct answer to the appropriate question with mouse.

Batman Addition: (Addition to 18)
Add two numbers, choose the right answer among two offered.

Bakugan Addition: (Addition to 18)
Add two numbers, choose the right answer among two offered. (Very similar to Batman above)

Math Match Addition: (Addition to 18 + memory)
Match the math addition problem with the correct answer, and practice your memory skills.

Match Move: (Addition to 18 + logic)
This is one of my favorites. You'll get a bizzare equality, then your task is to move only one match stick to fix it and get a real equality.

Add Like Mad: (Addition to 40)
You add as much as it takes until you get the assigned sum.

Scooby Math: (Addition to 18)
Simple math addition game for children. Help Scooby and Shaggy run away from a ghost.

Ghost Blasters 1: (Addition to 100, 2d+1d, 2 players)
Blast the ghost that displays the right answer to the question set. When you're right - you get a point, and when you're wrong - you lose one.

Ghost Blasters 2: (Addition to 100, 2d+2d, 2 players)
Blast the ghost that displays the right answer to the question set. When you're right - you get a point, and when you're wrong - you lose one.

Addition to 10 (exactly) Math Games

Math Lines Game - v4: (Addition to 10 exactly)
If you liked Zuma or Luxor - then this is a game for you. The only difference here is that you have numbers here, and in order to destroy the balls you have to try add up to 10 when you shoot.

Mathematical Ability Base Training: (Addition to 10 exactly)
Very useful free online math game for kids. Practice your addition to 10. First you try with 2 addends, then with 3, then 4 etc.

Add Up: (Addition to 10 exactly)
Destroy balls by selecting them so that their sum adds up to 10. Don't let the falling balls touch the floor. They keep coming faster and faster.

Number Crunch: (Addition to 10 exactly)
Click the numbered orbs to create a sum of 10. The more orbs you use the higher your score.

Subtraction Math Games

Subtraction Sense: (Subtraction to 10)
Arrange the number cards right. Great game for math beginners.

Speed Grid Subtraction: (Subtraction to 30)
Choose both minuend and subtrahend to get the given difference.

Subtraction Action: (Subtraction from 50)
Click on the squares to subtract the numbers so that they equal the value under the word "Number".

Totally Spies: (Subtraction to 20)
Choose the right answer among 3 offered.

Subtraction Picture Puzzle: (Subtraction to 20)
Practice your subtraction skills with this math puzzle game. Drag and drop the right answers onto subtraction problems to reveal a picture.

Math Match Subtraction: (Subtraction to 10 + memory)
Match the math subtraction problem with the correct answer.

Subtraction Table: (Subtraction from -10 to 10)
Fill the whole subtraction table with the number tiles.

Multiplication Math Games

Multiplication Sense: (Multiplication to 100)
Great game for beginners! Drag and drop the number cards to make the equation make sense.

Speed Grid Multiplication: (Multiplication above 100)
One player game against the clock. Select the number of questions and time limit. Answer the questions by clicking on two numbers in the grid.

Math Dart: (Multiplication to 100)
Great game (IMHO) if you like darts! Press and hold the dart while it circles around the target and release when it's above the answer.

Cheese Math: (Multiplication to 144)
Fun game! Use your hammer to smack the mouse with the correct answer. Be careful, many mice with different answers hop out of cheese.

Ben 10 Multiplication Race: (You choose the level)
Answer the multiplication questions quickly to win the car race. You can choose to practice any multiplication facts from 1 to 12.

Starfire Multiplication: (Multiplication to 100)
Choose the correct answer among the two, and help Starfire jump over the hurdles and make it to the finish line.

Mickey Multiplication: (Multiplication to 100)
Two birds carry the question. Another 10 of them are carrying possible answers. Choose the right ones.

Scooby Multiplication: (Multiplication to 100)
There's a question on the cloud. Help Shaggy and Scooby to destroy all the monsters by choosing the monster with the right answer.

Winx Love: (Multiplication to 100)
Choose the right flying heart to answer the question carried by two "winxies".

Multiplication Table: (Multiplication to 100)
Fill the whole table with the numbered tiles. Pick up and drag each tile to its correct cell with the mouse. Very good for practice.

Multiplication Station: (Multiplication to 100)
Click on the square to multiply the numbers so they equal the value under the word "Number".

Ben 10 Skater Math: (Multiplication to 100)
fun and cool math game. Solve quickly any math multiplication problems and get Ben 10 to the end without falling off from his skateboard.

Division Math Games

Dora Division Puzzle:
Practice your division skills with this division math game. Drag and drop the right answers onto division problems to reveal a picture.

Division Bingo 1:
Type your answer (the quotient) in the box and click check sum or click on the correct number.

Division Bingo 2:
Type your answer (the dividend) in the box and click check sum or click on the correct number.

Division Table:
With this table, you perform a division for each of the table cells. The columns of the table represent the dividends, and the rows correspond to the divisors. You may divide the dividend (column) by the divisor (row) to get a quotient and a smaller square for the remainder (if any).

Arithmetic Math Games

Mathman 2: (You choose a level for addition/subtraction)
The only way to figt an invasion of monsters is to solve simple math equation.

Mathomics 2: (Addition/Subtraction to 100)
Educational game which will test your math and shooting skills. Save Mathomia and teach your neigbours a lesson. ;-)

Flash Cards: (You choose an operation)
Four answers, you choose the right one. No time limit.

Math Shooter: (All operations)
Try to pass all the quizzes by shooting the correct answers. Time is limited and questions get harder.

Math Exercise: (Single or combined operations)
Are you a math magician? Answer on 50 questions in 2 and a half minutes.

Math Quiz: (You choose an operation)
Take a quiz, check your math skills & print your score. Children pick from four math quizes. Results are provied after each math quiz.

Mix Arithmetic: (All operations)
Pick the numbers to complete the equation at the bottom. As you progress you'll have to be more creative and use all operations. Thing are going to get tough, but very interesting.

Mathematics: (Choose an operation, level and time)
education-themed gaming. You are required to answer some math questions correctly. You can customize to your limits.

Math Man: (All operations)
Game for Pac-Man lovers. Although it's not your goal to eat all the food, but to eat all the bad guys.

Maths Workout 2: (You choose an operation)
Simple game. You have to answer to as many questions as you can in 60 sec. There are highscores.

Arithmetic Challenge: (You choose an operation)
Take an arithmetic test to improve your math and exercise your brain. How many simple math operations can you solve in one minute?

Math Online: (All operations)
Good way to learn basic mathematic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). You can test and learn with different speed.

Table Invasion Logic: (All operations to 100)
Math based space invaders style game, where you must solve equations before they hit the bottom of the screen.

Fairy Apple Math: (You choose an operation)
Help fairy get the apples across the river by answering the questions correctly, or a crocodile is going to feast on it.

Skater Math: (You choose an operation)
Pick a boy or girl skater. Choose your skater math arithmetic subject. You can use your mouse or the number keys to answer the skater math questions.

Math Mountain: (All operations to 100)
Your goal is to climb to the top of the mountain by answering simple math questions faster than your oponent (computer or human).

Math Attack: (All operations to 100)
You're a doctor and your goal is to keep viruses and bacteria away from your patient. You do this by answering simple math questions shown in the mouth of the white blood cell. As time passes the questions are harder and germs are faster.

ADDiction: (All operations + Logic)
Click on a sequence of adjacent block to make correct sum. Double click the last block to complete the sequence.

Number Eaters: (All operations + FRACTIONS)
A flash clone of Number Munchers. A fun math game which helps you memorize your math facts while avoiding purple monsters.

Fraction Math Games

Matcopter 2: Fly the Mathcopter into a balloon containing the fraction same as the one found at the bottom of the screen.

Fraction Poker: Press "Deal" to start, then pick all the equivalent fractions. When you finish press "Draw" to make your play. Each hand may have 2 to 5 equivalent fractions. Good Luck!

OK, enough with the games already kids! ;-)

  • Keep practicing these online math games kids
  • and we'll keep on adding new games when we stumble upon them...

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