MathMan 2
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MathMan 2: This game is nothing like the first version of Math Man (similar to Pac-Man) that you can see on the net.

First of all, in this one - you're flying - which is cool!
You can customize the difficulty so it's convenient for almost everyone. But spoiler here: negative numbers included!

Anyway, the instructions are:

  • choose the speed of the game (left hand side of the game screen)
  • strike at the sensitive point - correct result of equation
  • avoid false results (you lose health)
  • control mathman with arrows or A,D,W,S
  • freeze time using space if necessary
  • set the maximum result of the equation (bottom of the game screen)
  • start the game at the bottom left corner

I got to level 8 and got pierced like a cheese by some flying stinger thing. :-)

We hope you liked it.

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