About Me

Hm, about me... About me

Well, my name is Marko, and I'm European.

Born in 1973, Mechanical Engineer (M.Sc.), "half" nerd (I would say), married, 4 kids (so far).

Likes: math, physics, tennis, computers, singing, TV Shows, kids and teaching.

Dislikes: politics,... wait... that's it.

How it all began...

I've always liked learning new and interesting stuff and then explaining it to others, especially kids (if they were interested, of course).

In fact, that was often my way of reviewing things.

Back in high school some of my friends would ask me for help (usually math), and I would do my best to help them.

That used to happen very often during high school, but it "culminated" during a college (university). :-)

"Real deal"...

A good college friend of mine and I were a team. Before almost all of our exams I would review my knowledge and he would listen and ask for clarifications.

A Win-Win situation!

When other colleagues heard about that - they used to join sometimes, so I became their informal and periodical "professor". ;-)

All that was for free, of course (I know - not very clever).

But the more questions I got - the more I had to make effort to deepen my understanding of the matter to answer correctly.

After graduation...

After college, besides my regular Engineer job, I was a tennis coach (since I was a player when I was a kid), and a math/physics tutor (this time for some money, which was awkward ;-P ).

And I'm still in that "waters", except the tennis part.

Growing "addiction" & Making a site

Bottom line: I'm a "like-explaining-to-others-for-free-junkie". When someone gets how something works - I'm "Red Bull"-ing. ;-)

I simply enjoy helping people for free. ("Not very normal" as my wife would say.)

Basically, that is how this site came into life. I wanted to finally knock my self out with math explanations. I'm trying to divide every math problem into easy-doable and interesting steps.

Still learning...

Of course, I had to learn (still a working progress) how to make a site, and that was/is also a very exciting ride.

A friend of a friend introduced me to Solo Build It!, and I was simply blown away by it!

The way they explain things step-by-step is simply phenomenal! It opened to me a brand new window for my world wide math "explaining" hunger. :-P

OK, I guess that's it for now....

May the "math-force" be with you! :-P

If you want - you can contact me here.

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