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Well, calculators... what can I say... you’ve got to love them. They are a huge time savers. Imagine if we had to do everything “on foot”! That would be a downer.

Well, actually that exactly how it was until like a 50 years ago. And I don’t mean about abacus or similar – I’m thinking about good old plain electronic calculator.

Nowadays you’ve got all kinds of calculators. You can calculate about anything these days with them.

Of course, apart from the fact that every calculator in the world is suppose to save you time, using it makes sense if you already know what it does for you.

(OK, maybe not for you, but to me it does) :-P

What are you going to do when you’ve got to calculate something, and there is no calculator around to do the job?


So, to avoid such unpleasant situations - practice enough without any calculators to know how to solve a particular problem, even better - master it, then don't waste your time anymore and use calculators.

On this site you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice lots of things, but afterwards – use some free online math calculator to save your precious time.

If you’re interested in more information about the history of electronic calculators go to

Calculators have now moved from pockets to computers. So now it’s even easier to use them. All you need is internet – and you’ll have your problem solved.

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