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Hi everyone, and welcome to my free math help online site.

If you’re having problems with basic math – then I believe this is a decent place to start.

Everyone has its own approach to math, so I guess I’ll present you with mine. I hope you’ll find it useful, as I really do enjoy teaching math. :-)

I believe there are no stupid students, only teachers not trying hard enough. So when I teach math and see someone doesn’t get something, I get creatively more driven to find a more interesting approach to make a point.

My motto is - If it’s interesting enough – you’ll get it and you won't forget it, and the other way around. :-)

Anyway, we should understand what we learn, otherwise we just learn things by heart.

So I try to make things as simple as possible. I "break" every math problem into simple steps. Then I offer you to practice those steps. Once you get comfortable with that, you can try without steps, and that’s about it.

How to Use This Site

Hands and Numbers First of all, everything on this free math help online site - is free.

This site does not replace your school program; it should serve as a helping tool for parents and their children, teachers and their students.

There are plenty of interactive and free math worksheets on this site and although they are (meant to be) simple, sometimes a child might need a little nudge from a parent or a teacher.

On the other hand, recently I’ve started some "something about..." math lessons, where I thoroughly explain the topic at hand.

There are also printable worksheets if you prefer practicing offline.

There are also plenty of free math games and calculators I’ve managed to dig up on the net.

Free Math Worksheets

The following classification is not easy, since it’s not the same for every country, but it’s roughly there.

Therefore you might get around more easily with the following classification:

So far, on this free math help online site you can practice 4 basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with whole numbers, mostly up to 4 digit numbers. Next logical thing would be to introduce decimal worksheets and fraction worksheets.

"Something About..."
Math Lessons

Numbers and signs in wooden box Math help with fractions: In this free math help online new section, I’ve started with fraction, decimal and percent lessons, all related to fractions. It has lots of simple examples. Hopefully some worksheets on these topics will soon follow.

There are all 4 operations with fractions, as well as comparing, simplifying, reducing, and expanding; including finding a LCD (needed so much for finding a common denominator). At the very end you’ll find converting to decimals and percents, and vice versa.

I’ve tried very hard to cover the basics of fractions very thoroughly.

Let me know what you’d like to see next in this "something about..." section.

Other Useful and Fun Stuff

6 hands holding numbers

Free Printable Math Worksheets: As I’ve mentioned above, there are printable alternatives for almost every interactive online math worksheet. You can also find some useful tables like addition and multiplication table.

Free Online Math Games for Kids: If you like to have fun and learn math – so far there are more than 70 free math games. In this section you can practice all four basic operations, plus do some fractions. There are descriptions for every game so you should easily find the level that suits you.

Free Online Math Calculators: They are real time-savers. Of course, it’s better to know what they are doing, otherwise they are not doing you a real favor. These calculators are mostly math related, but a few related to physics snuck by.

Useful Links to other Educational Sites: Useful links to some good and great educational sites related (mostly) to math that complement to this Free Math Help Online site.

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