Dividend Breaking 100s
Type 1 Worksheet

Reminders & Tips for - Dividend Breaking 100s type 1 worksheet:

  • This is a necessary step for every 4 digits by 1 digit division, and I named it type 1 (there's also type 2).
  • It means that the first digit of a dividend is less than our 1 digit divisor
  • In that case we're dividing the first two digits of our dividend by our divisor
    (Scroll down to see the example).


1484 ÷ 4  =

  • First thing we notice is that 1 < 4, so we'll use the first two digits from our dividend instead of one.
  • The new situation is 14÷4
  • 14 is not divisible by 4 (without remainder), but we'll try to get as close as we can (but not exceed it)
  • Looks to me that 3 × 4 = 12 is our horse
  • So we'll "break" our 1484 as 12 hundreds + the rest

1484 ÷ 4  =  (1200 + 284)÷4  = ...

Here follows an interactive worksheet for this particular case. Take a few tries, I'm sure you'll figure out the pattern very quickly.

Pay attention, please...


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