Addition and Subtraction Properties

Something about Addition

Commutative Property

The first thing you should know about Addition is that the order of adding is not important.

They even have a complicated name for it: Commutative Property.
Here, look at this:

Commutative Property

You see? When we add the numbers - we get the same result on both sides:

Associative Property

The same goes for 3 or more numbers. You can add in any order you like - you'll get the same result.

This one is called (don't try to remember it): Associative Property.
Here, we start the same on both sides:

Associative Property

but group (add) numbers differently:

and at the end - we get the same result:

Adding a zero

Finally, adding a zero - is actually adding noting - or more accurately not adding anything:

Something about Subtraction

OK, let's see what applies to Subtraction.
Here, check this out:

Subtraction - Addition connection

Then see this:

Do you see? This is why:

And that is the conneciton between Addition and Subtraction.

Subtracting a zero

And of course, subtracting a zero from a number makes no difference also:

If we take away zero = nothing, then we did not take anything. :-)

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